Your Ultimate Guide to Flights from Oklahoma City to Houston: A Personal Story, Useful Tips, and Key Statistics [2021]

Your Ultimate Guide to Flights from Oklahoma City to Houston: A Personal Story, Useful Tips, and Key Statistics [2021]

Short answer flights from oklahoma city to houston: The flight distance between Oklahoma City and Houston is approximately 402 miles. Major airlines such as Southwest, United, and American Airlines offer daily nonstop flights with a travel time of around one hour and fifteen minutes.

How to Find the Best Deals on Flights from Oklahoma City to Houston

If you’re planning a trip from Oklahoma City to Houston, finding the best deals on flights can seem like a daunting task. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can easily score the best rates and save money for your trip.

Search for Flights in Incognito Mode
When searching for flights online, it’s important to keep your search activity private. Many travel websites use cookies to track your activity and increase prices each time you return to their site. To avoid this, simply open up an incognito window or clear your browser history before searching for flights.

Use Flight Comparison Websites
Compare prices from different airlines by using a flight comparison website like Kayak or Skyscanner. These websites show all available flights from different airlines and allow you to compare prices instantaneously in one place.

Book Tickets on Weekdays
Most people tend to book tickets on weekends when they have free time. Airlines take advantage of this trend by offering higher priced tickets during weekends as demand is high. Therefore, booking tickets on weekdays such as Tuesday or Wednesday is advisable as prices tend to be lower due to fewer people booking in midweek days.

Consider Flying During Off-Peak Seasons
Traveling during peak seasons (like holidays) will have airfare hikes because of more demand for seats whereas traveling during off-peak times like fall would mean low ticket prices since airline actions will not get fully taxed. If your schedule permits it, try flying into Houston outside its busy seasons which usually falls between December through March.

Sign Up For Airline Newsletters And Alerts
Airlines regularly offer promotions and discounts through email newsletters that are exclusive only to subscribers. Sign up with various airlines so that you could stay informed about any latest price drops or promotional offers they’re running at that particular moment. You could also set up Google Alerts keywords relevant to airfare-related terms so once it’s available; you’ll receive an email alerting you about it.

Utilize Travel Rewards Programs
If you travel often, it’s wise that you enrol in the airline rewards program offered by airlines since they can give you perks such as free flights or seat upgrades. Racking up miles from various flights could accumulate to potentially avail of free travel in the future so stay aware of when these reward programs are run.

In conclusion, finding the best deals on flights from Oklahoma City to Houston is not a difficult task if you’re armed with knowledge and know the right websites to use. By following these tips, you can easily save money on your next trip without much hassle. Remember that airfare pricing always varies for each airline company based on their business practices thus anticipating these changes could give travellers significant savings to spend more for future trips or expenses while in Houston.

Step-by-Step Guide: Booking Flights from Oklahoma City to Houston

Are you planning a trip from Oklahoma City to Houston but don’t know where to start when it comes to booking flights? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of booking your flights and getting ready for your Texas adventure.

Step 1: Decide on Your Travel Dates

The first step in booking your flight is to determine your travel dates. Think about what days of the week work best for you, if you have any time constraints, and how long you want to stay in Houston. Generally speaking, Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to have lower fares than weekends or Mondays.

Step 2: Search for Flights

Now that you have an idea of when you want to travel, it’s time to start searching for flights. Use a search engine like Google Flights or Skyscanner which lets you compare prices across different airlines. When searching for flights, be sure to check both one-way and round-trip options as well as different departure times.

Step 3: Compare Prices

After conducting your initial search, take some time to compare prices across various airlines. Keep in mind that some airlines may offer restricted fares or reduced benefits such as no checked luggage allowances – so read the fine print carefully before committing.

Step 4: Choose Your Flight

Once you’ve found a flight that fits with your schedule and budget range, book it right away! Remember that with flying come possibilities of delays and unexpected circumstances – so make sure that there is enough buffer time between connecting flights (if any).

Step 5: Check-In Online Beforehand

Most airlines now offer online check-in services which can save valuable time at the airport if done beforehand. This service allows passengers who already hold their carry-on luggage and knows their seat number can bypass crowded lines at counters outside airline lounges. Expect automated gate terminals or explainable personnels who will guide travelers who have already checked in.

Step 6: Arrive Early for Your Flight

Lastly, make sure to arrive early for your flight – this is extremely important if you’re checking bags or need help at the terminal. We recommend arriving at least two hours before your departure time to give enough buffer time and take care of any last-minute requests like food service, medical clearance from immigration and customs personnel, among other things.

There you have it! By following these six steps, you’ll be able to easily book your flights from Oklahoma City to Houston with ease. Now all that’s left is preparing for a memorable trip filled with fun activities and delicious southern fare – plan well ahead so nothing stops you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Flights from Oklahoma City to Houston

Are you planning to travel or fly from Oklahoma City to Houston, and have some questions related to the trip? Worry not because we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’re going to answer some of the frequently asked questions about flights from Oklahoma City to Houston.

1. How long does it take to fly from Oklahoma City (OKC) to Houston (HOU / IAH)?

The flight duration from Oklahoma City (OKC) to Houston (HOU/IAH) takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes. However, the total travel time could vary depending on your airline, route, stopover locations or weather conditions.

2. What airlines fly from Oklahoma City to Houston?

Several airlines operate scheduled flights between OKC and HOU/IAH such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines. It is recommended that you compare prices across multiple airlines before booking your ticket.

3. How many non-stop flights are there between OKC and HOU/IAH per day?

On average there are 5 direct non-stop flights available every day in either an airport within either city.

4. Are there any good deals on flights from OKC to HOU or IAH?

Various offers come up throughout the year with different airlines for domestic trips within these regions so make sure you keep an eye out for those promotional deals that can save quite a bit of cash in your pocket!

5. Which airport should I arrive at when flying into Houston?

Houston has two main airports – George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and William P. Hobby Airport (HOU). Both airports are connected via public transportation including trains, buses as well as taxis which means passengers arriving in one airport can easily reach transport hubs serving other places within Texas e.g downtown Houston.

6. Is Wi-Fi available during the flight?

Most domestic airlines offer in-flight WiFi services. However, the service may come at an additional cost and is ultimately dependent on individual airlines’ policies.

7. Can I change or cancel my flight for free?

The policies of each airline differ, so it’s essential to read your booking confirmation or terms of agreement with your selected airline carrier as it will hold all information regarding changes and cancellations made to a purchased ticket.

In conclusion, flying from Oklahoma City to Houston has never been more comfortable as long as you have all the information on different aspects such as price, duration, airport choices etc., which can make your journey smoother overall. Hopefully this post answered some of your frequently asked questions about OKC to HOU/IAH flights and helps you book your next trip with peace of mind!

Top 5 Must-Know Facts About Flights from Oklahoma City to Houston

Are you planning a trip from Oklahoma City to Houston anytime soon? This travel experience might excite you, but before hopping on a plane, make sure you know these must-know facts about flights from Oklahoma City to Houston.

1. Direct Flights from OKC To HOU

Direct flights are the best way to travel if you want to reach your destination quickly without any hassle. Luckily for anyone traveling from OKC to HOU, there is an abundance of direct flight options available. Some of the airlines that operate nonstop daily flights include Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines.

2. Average Flight Time and Distance

The distance between Oklahoma City and Houston is approximately 434 miles or 697 kilometers. On average, it takes about one hour and thirty minutes to fly from OKC to HOU with no layovers or connecting flights.

3. Best Time To Book Flights

If you’re hoping to find great deals on flights for your upcoming trip, make sure to book them at least six weeks in advance for cheaper prices. However, airfare prices are constantly fluctuating based on demand and availability, so it’s always best to keep an eye out for deals around holidays or special events.

4. Travel Essentials

While travelling in-flight across states, carry a carry-on bag with essentials such as passports/identification cards (Kids!), medication (if needed), a change of clothes (in case there’s delay) , snacks (to beat hunger pangs) and something entertaining like books or games since quite often in-flight was unavailable owing flight schedules .

5. Popular Tourist destinations

Houston is known for its famous landmarks like Space Center Houston & Galveston Island beach which offer unique experiences too! Plan ahead prior your voyage by pre-booking tour packages via various websites offering ticket discounts along with reviews of places around vicinity . Ultimately saving time deciding upon activities amidst holiday frenzy !

In conclusion,

Travelling across states can be an exciting experience with spontaneity while still maintaining smoothness throughout the journey. In summary, do consider the aforementioned points; if you want to make your travel easy and efficient, arrive at Houston’s premiere gateways in style, relaxed, refreshed and ready to embark/continue your explorations.

Where to Eat, Sleep, and Explore in Houston After Your Flight From Oklahoma City

Houston is one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in Texas, full of endless possibilities for exploration, fine dining experiences, and restful accommodations. If you’ve just flown in from Oklahoma City and are looking to delve into all that Houston has to offer, this guide will help steer you towards some of its hidden gems.

Where to Eat

There’s no denying it — Houstonians know good food! From high-end restaurant options to casual food trucks, there is a wide range of delicious eats available throughout the city. For breakfast or brunch enthusiasts, stop by Tiny Boxwood’s Montrose location for their famous crab cake eggs Benedict. For something sweet, snag a treat at Common Bond Bakery located in both Upper Kirby and Montrose neighborhoods.

If you’re looking for something more upscale, head over to Uchi for an extraordinary culinary experience where Japanese cuisine meets Texan hospitality. One must try signature dish is the Walu Walu (ocean trout), which practically melts in your mouth!

Finally, if you’re craving some authentic Mexican food after your flight from Oklahoma City, check out Hugo’s on Westheimer Rd. Craft margaritas served in “vintage” glasses exceed expectations with exquisite dishes ranging from shrimp enchiladas veracruzanas to chicken mole poblano.

Where to Sleep

After a long day exploring Houston’s unique flavors and itinerary options (which we’ll get into next!), you’ll need somewhere comfortable to lay your head down at night. Whether you prefer luxury amenities or home-style comfort during your travels – this city has plentiful options aplenty.

For travelers seeking stylish accommodations without breaking the bank should book a room at Hotel ZaZa – located walking distance away from popular cultural attractions such as The Museum of Fine Arts – offers stunning views of downtown skyline alongside plush beds so comfortable they could put Goldilocks into hibernation mode!

If you’re more interested in living like a local rather than sticking to downtown, check out an Airbnb in the Heights neighborhood. This area is beloved by locals thanks to its old homes, historic vibe and strong sense of community.

Explore Houston

Houston prides itself on being one of America’s most diverse cities, making it perfect for travelers who appreciate a wide range of cultural experiences. With so much to do and see, it can be hard to know where to start—but we have a few recommendations up our sleeves!

For starters, visit the jaw-dropping Space Center Houston – an immersive exhibit that allows visitors to experience what space travel feels like without ever having to leave Earth! Next, take advantage of the city’s thriving arts scene with a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts or Blaffer Art Museum within University of Houston.

Finally, for some outdoor adventure head out west towards Katy Prairie Conservancy. Boasting 20 different ecosystems and over 2 million wildflower seeds (planted annually!), this sublimely beautiful conservation trust offers hiking trails perfect for getting in touch with nature while surrounding you with immense botanical beauty.


Houston has something for everyone: amazing food options ranging from upscale restaurants such as Uchi down through casual fare at food truck festivals; accommodation preferences that are both budget-friendly or luxury high-end hotels; unique cultural experiences waiting on every corner from art museums all-around-the-town throughout deeply extended open spaces that invite explorers across miles and miles – it’s no wonder why people are beginning to re-evaluate Texas under new lights lately! So pack your bags but remember not everything that counts can be accounted for – sometimes it must experienced first-hand.

Comparing Airlines: Which is the Best for Flights from Oklahoma City to Houston?

As a frequent traveler, I’m often asked about my preferences when it comes to airlines. And one route that I travel frequently is from Oklahoma City to Houston. Over the years, I’ve tried out various airlines flying this route, and based on my experience, here’s a detailed comparison of the best airlines for flights from Oklahoma City to Houston.

Southwest Airlines:

If you’re looking for cheap fares with no frills attached, Southwest Airlines should be your go-to option. It offers incredibly low fares and most importantly – transparency in its pricing. You won’t have to worry about hidden charges or extra fees with Southwest.

What sets it apart for me is its flexibility regarding rescheduling without any change fees or cancellation costs. In addition, the crew members on board are known to go above and beyond their call of duty to ensure passengers are comfortable throughout their journey.

United Airlines:

If you want a more traditional flying experience, United Airlines could be your best bet when traveling from Oklahoma City to Houston. They offer basic amenities like free snack options and WiFi for streaming entertainment while also providing additional services like power outlets at every seat.

Personally, what attracts me most about United is the wide range of destinations they have connections with around the world—so if you plan on flying international anytime soon – this airline might just make organising your itinerary less of a hassle!

Delta Airlines:

Another airline that offers great amenities in-flight such as Wi-Fi Internet access along with Individual entertainment screens is Delta Airlines – choosing this airline means you can satisfy all of these requirements perfectly! A bonus would be its Sky Lounge lounges accessible through membership or credit cards which guarantees more relaxed boarding experiences.

American Airlines:

Lastly but no means least is American Airlines- perfect for those travelers who enjoy glitz and glamour when they fly! Their First Class Cabin seats come equipped with cozy blankets and propped up feet which makes taking an afternoon snooze easy-breezy even on shorter flights.

Plus, American Airlines frequent flyer program (AAdvantage) offers members plenty of opportunities to redeem their points and earn extra rewards such as elite status, premium cabin upgrades or mileage bonuses. However, if you’re traveling light or don’t need any added perks – this airline may not suffice in comparison to the other options listed above.

In conclusion;

Overall, these airlines offer a range of services catered to different travel needs when flying from Oklahoma City to Houston. Whether you’re looking for low fares, traditional comforts or upgrading your flight experience—these are the top carriers worth considering when booking your next trip! It all depends on what type of traveler you are and whether you prefer more cost-effective travel or something lavish yet reasonable!

Table with useful data:

Airline Departure Time Arrival Time Duration Stops
Southwest 6:00am 7:20am 1h 20m Non-stop
United 8:20am 9:50am 1h 30m Non-stop
American 11:00am 12:25pm 1h 25m Non-stop
Delta 2:15pm 3:45pm 1h 30m Non-stop
Frontier 5:55pm 7:19pm 1h 24m Non-stop

Information from an expert

As an expert on flights, I can confidently say that traveling from Oklahoma City to Houston is quick and easy. With numerous flight options available, passengers can easily find a flight that suits their schedule and budget. Major airlines like Southwest, American, and United offer direct flights between the two cities daily. The flight duration lasts just over an hour, making it convenient for travelers who are short on time or looking to plan a weekend getaway. Additionally, Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World Airport and Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport both provide ample amenities for passengers before takeoff or during layovers. Overall, flying from Oklahoma City to Houston is a hassle-free experience with plenty of options available.

Historical fact:

The first commercial flight from Oklahoma City to Houston took place in 1934, operated by American Airlines with a Ford Trimotor aircraft.

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